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Patient Assistance Programs

HIV/AIDS services and programs can be a confusing jumble of acronyms.  This box lists HIV/AIDS Patient Assistance Programs and the HANS Member Agencies who provide these services.  Click on a Member's name to get more details, including contact information.  Below the box, you will find an explanation of the various acronyms with links to further information.




HOPWA PAC Waiver Ryan White

Charlotte Co. Health Dept.


Community AIDS Network

DeSoto Co. Health Dept.

Hedges Pharmacy


Manatee Co. Health Dept.


Positive Healthcare


Sarasota Co. Health Dept.

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ADAP   AIDS Drug Assistance Program

ADAP helps ensure that underserved and uninsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to life-saving medications.


  • If you qualify, ADAP my pay for some or all of the cost of HIV/AIDS-related medications not covered by other insurance

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Florida resident
  • Low income (400% or less than federal poverty level)
  • Uninsured or do not have adequate prescription coverage
  • Not confined to a hospital, nursing home, hospice, or correctional facility

More details & eligibility requirements... (FL Dept of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS)

AICP   AIDS Insurance Continuation Program

AICP is a statewide program for persons who are diagnosed with AIDS or are HIV positive with symptoms and who, because of their illness, are unable to maintain their private health insurance coverage. The program makes direct payments (up to $750/month) to each client's employer or insurance company for the continuation of medical, dental, mental health and optical coverage.  The AICP does not pay for disability or life insurance. 


  • AICP participants remain under the care of their doctors without worrying that they will be forced to accept alternative coverage, such as Medicaid.
  • Since AICP clients retain their private insurance, they generally have greater access to various HIV/AIDS treatments. 

More details & eligibility requirements... (FL Dept of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS)

HOPWA   Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS

HOPWA is a federal program helping people with HIV/AIDS to meet their housing needs.  According to the National AIDS Housing Council, "research has shown that housing is the greatest unmet service need for people living with the disease."  HOPWA is funded through a grant from the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  It is administered in Florida by the Department of Health.

Services Provided:

  • Short-term housing placement
  • Short-term assistance with rent, mortgage, and utilities bills
  • Supportive services (such as case management)
  • Tenant-based rental assistance (in specified areas)

More details & eligibility requirements... (FL Dept of Health, Bureau of HIV/AIDS)

PAC Waiver    Project AIDS Care Waiver Program

PAC is an extension of Medicaid providing home- and community-based services not available under regular Medicaid.  These services are intended to allow individuals with AIDS to remain at home and receive the medical and social support they require.  These services vary on the provider and may include case management, personal care, meal delivery, medical supplies, education, and more. 

To be eligible, you must be:

  • Medically diagnosed with AIDS
  • Medicaid-eligible
  • Disabled

More details & eligibility requirements are available from your local PAC Waiver provider.

Ryan White Program     Federal program funding a variety of HIV/AIDS services

Ryan White is a federally funded program designed to provide planning, development, and delivery of outpatient medical care, home health care, and other support services to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Services include:

  • Outpatient medical care
  • Case management
  • Dental care
  • Medications
  • Mental Health
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Food, transportation, and other support services

More details & eligibility requirements are available from your case manager or county health department.